Thursday, May 28, 2009

Greasy, Sandy Happiness....

Some might call me crazy but there is no better feeling than slimy, oily sunscreen mixed with gritty sand and salty hair. To me that is the feeling of summer. Carefree days on the beach building sandcastles, reading a book and making sure Lucy doesn't steal the other kids sand toys....all at the same time. We've been to the beach twice this season and when I'm there I don't want to leave. I have mixed emotions about moving back to Orange Beach but when I'm there, its home. I love that no one cares what you wear, which is good considering my wardrobe for five days was flip flops, my favorite pair of cotton shorts and a Tacky Jacks t-shirt. My hair was never brushed and rarely washed and whether or not my toenail polish was chipped was never a concern. Yes this may sound repulsive to some of you but....THATS ME. I hate showers and shaving and make up and hairdryers and flat irons, the list goes on and on. It seems to me that the only time I can really be that way is when I'm down there, on a boat or rolling around in the sand with Lucy. No, I'm not a grungy hippie that never showers and doesn't shave, well....anywhere ever. But I don't like having to be perfectly coifed day and night, head to toe. I also love that a party in Orange Beach consists of a big pot of boiled something, a cooler full of beer that everyone shares, swimsuits, flip flops and sitting around doing absolutely nothing but enjoying the company. Kids and dogs are running amuck and everyone walks home. No one is formally invited but everyone knows when and where to show up and just what to bring. Don't get me wrong, I love Birmingham as well. I love that my family is here, I love all of my girlfriends that I don't see often enough. I'm content with the fact that Lucy is in a GREAT school and has all of our extended family at her fingertips, oh excuse me, I mean wrapped around her finger. I am torn between two totally different worlds and the decision deadline is rapidly approaching (I am determined to decide before Lucy starts kindergarden....NEXT YEAR). I know God will move me toward the right decision....I just hope its soon!!!!!!!!!


  1. I hope you stay here, but I've always wanted live at the beach so I couldn't fault you if you went there. I was already for my week at the beach in July but after reading this I'm so ready. I love the carefree part of it too.

  2. I know where your heart is and if it's right follow it. That just means we'll be coming to see you more, LOL!