Monday, May 4, 2009

CRAZY Days of Summer

Well, its that time again. Mark has left for his fishing job at the beach and somewhat "single" motherhood begins...AGAIN. Its only been a few days since he left and, of course, we miss him like crazy. For those of you who don't know, my husband Mark works down south, on a charter fishing boat during the spring/summer and part of the fall. In total, about half the year. Lucy and I stay home and travel four hours every weekend to be with him. There are pros and cons to this arrangement, the biggest pro being that we get to go to the beach every weekend. This is the time of year when I begin to realize how much I take the little things for granted. The times when daddy would give Lucy a bath at night and I could sit down and read a line or two of a book, daddy dragging the trash to the street in the rain, running to the grocery store ALONE, taking a shower with the door closed, you know, the VERY LITTLE things that we don't think about everyday. It really makes me appreciate everything, no matter how small, that he does when he is here and the fact that he leaves every summer to work extremely hard (as blissful as fishing in the Gulf of Mexico everyday may seem) so that our family has everything we need and more. On the other hand, as stressful as it all is to take on alone sometimes, I really cherish all of the time Lucy and I have together and adore the little moments I share with her. Such as, snuggling up to watch a girly movie, the extra hugs I get, holding her had in the parking lot of the grocery store I used to go to alone and letting her help me make dinner for two. I'm not sure why I am so emotional about it all this time. Its not like we haven't done it before. Maybe its because I haven't been to the beach yet and I'm a little jealous!!!! Oh well, we'll see him this weekend and I absolutely cannot wait!!!!!


  1. Ok hormones are definitely in full gear this morning, I had tears in my eyes reading it when you said you were emotional. It's sweet the time you and Lucy have but I'm with you I'm sure it's difficult Mark not being there! Hey just know we're all here during the week and even though we don't live near each other we can always meet for dinner, all you have to do is say the word! :)

  2. Okay you got me all teary. I know it's hard on you and Lucy but just remember you get to go to the beach EVERY weekend. You know you can always call us girls for dinner or fun things to do on the weekends you don't go. Love you!