Monday, May 18, 2009

Three Times Clean....

For the most part this weekend was uneventful. Unless, of course, you consider mopping, sweeping, laundry and scrubbing toilets an event. With nothing else to do this weekend, I decided the house needed a good old fashioned "spring cleaning". I started in the kitchen and from top to bottom gave it a scrub down with the last task being mopping the floor. I have a white kitchen floor so this was a grueling task to say the least. I moved tables, wiped down cabinets and even got down on my hands and knees to make sure there was NOTHING and I mean NOTHING on that floor. I had planned to eat dinner off of it later (kidding). After the blood sweat and tears that went into cleaning the kitchen floor, I was finally happy. Overjoyed actually. My kitchen had not been this clean in ages. So I moved on to the bathrooms planning to take the same extreme measures as I did in the kitchen. As I moved buckets and rags, I set Lucy up in the living room with Shrek the Third and threatened the child with her life if she were to step one toe in my pristine kitchen. I even put chairs between the kitchen and living room to make sure she did just that...STAYED OUT!!! As I was happily breathing in fumes of clorox and lysol in the bathroom I heard the drip drop of rain on the roof, well, so did Lucy. There was never a ruckus or sound coming out of the living room, or maybe I just didn't hear it because I was high on clorox, but as I went to check on Lucy I stopped dead and my tracks. Foot prints, FOOT PRINTS, MUDDY DOG FOOTPRINTS all over my kitchen floor while Lucy AND Oscar, with their evil little innocent faces sitting on the sofa watching their movie. I was livid and Lucy explained that Oscar was scared outside in the rain and had to come in. Ok, Ok, so I mopped the floor AGAIN and AGAIN threatened her with her life. I put Oscar in the garage to insure that this time my floor would stay clean. Back to bathroom number two I went. Lucy came back a time or two to ask if she could play dress up or watch a different movie. "Yes of course sweetie, just let mommy get the house clean and I promise I'll take you somewhere fun". Somewhere between me hanging out from under my bed dusting the hardwoods and vaccuming the cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling and wall, Lucy wanted to check and see if it was still raining. She informed me she was going to check so I assumed she would do what anyone else would do....look out the window. But Lucy wanted to make double sure it had stopped. As she came to tell me the rain was gone I noticed a little grass on her dirty bare feet. I got a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and could only think one floor. I slowly and carefully walked out of the bedroom, down the hallway, across the living room and into the kitchen where I found not dog footprints but dirty little Lucy footprints on the floor and cabinets where she had climbed up to get Oscar a treat. How did Lucy check for rain you might ask? She went out into the middle of the mud covered backyard, ran a few circles and went right back into my KITCHEN. I couldn't help but laugh despite my rage so this time I gave Lucy a rag and a mop and she cleaned it up without even a fit!!!! So, I guess the moral of the story is, kids are going to be kids and don't sweat the small stuff. Since Saturday we've spilled spaghetti sauce and sprinkles from cupcakes so my floor is no longer clean anyway!!!! A good sweeping and mopping will do from now on!!!!


  1. That is HYSTERICAL!! I love the Lucy stories!! Oh and you can come scrub my house anytime you want!