Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Reason I'm Late....

We are always rushing to get out of the door in the morning it seems. I wake up early and only hit snooze once most of the time but there always seems to be some reason why we just can't get out of the house ON TIME. This morning was no exception. We were on schedule as usual, a little early actually. I made it a point to get up a few minutes early because I was out of coffee. God knows I'm no happy camper without at least two cups. So with hair fixed and teeth brushed we rush out the door so that I will have time to sit in the mile long line at Starbucks. We get out to the car and I load up the lunchbox, nap mat, purse, keys and everything else we need for the day while Lucy stands on the other side of the car waiting for me to help her into her car seat. Finished with the loading and keeping to morning ritual, I went around to the other side to load up the most precious cargo...Lucy. As I always do I told her how beautiful she looked this morning and she turned to crawl up into the car. With her butt in my face I notice something a little off about the pretty little green shirt and plaid shorts she was wearing...It was completely BLACK. Black as if someone had bent her over and spray painted her butt. When I asked her what it was, of course, she had no idea. Out of the car we go and as I closed the door to my car, I noticed a long streak of clean down the side of my car. She had been rubbing her little tushie up and down the side of my car. Back in the house, changed clothes and off to school. From now on, I think I will leave her in her pajamas until we get to school...I'm running out of clothes fast!!!!

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