Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Inner Stripper...

I was so excited when I arrived home from work last week to find a FedEx box at my front door. I had been expecting this package for a week or so and could not wait to dive into it. As I tore open the brown cardboard box, a shiny pink and purple shoe box greeted me under the annoying little peanuts. I lifted the top to find a TON of purple tissue wrapping up what I knew would be the highlight of my day, week or possibly even the month. Yes people, new shoes do that to me!! Moving I ripped into the tissue, revealing the shoes that I was head over heels crazy about in the picture online, I began to question myself as to WHY I would order these. Don't get me wrong, they are FABULOUS. Let me say that again, FABULOUS. I mean, what girl doesn't need a pair of purple four and a half inch stiletto heels with zipper detailing and a one inch platform in their closet? Then the fun part...I tried them on and attempted to strut my previously 5 foot tall, now 5' 5" self down the hallway where I stumbled more than once. Of course my little sashay down the catwalk was enormous comedy for Lucy. I really think these shoes will be a lot of fun with the right outfit, I just haven't quite found that yet. They are a bit stripper-esque for lack of a better word but I must admit, I LOVE them and can't wait for my next pair to arrive the second week of June!!! So, without further ELA......


  1. That is hysterical, I laughed out loud at work at the thought of you walking down the hall. Those hurt my ankles and legs just looking at them! Your better then I am!!

  2. Oh My Word, that cracks me up! I know the people down the hall heard me laughing! I have to see those shoes on you. I would call those hooker heels, just ask Trina, LOL!!!

  3. OMW, that is so stinkin funny! I have been telling people about this shoe club. I haven't joined yet, now I am a little scared LOL