Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Attack of the Princess Scooter...

Let me start off with a little preface so as this post goes along, you know what I am talking about...Lucy has a scooter. Its one of those little three wheeled, princess, glittered toddler scooters that is pretty easily handled by a four year old (with the exception of today). I let her ride it around in the house because it has rubber wheels and she usually doesn't try to do any fancy tricks or acrobatics with it (again, with the exception of today).

Oh what a Tuesday morning I've had. It started off pretty good. I was playing Susie Homemaker last night and had everything ready for this morning. The clothes were set out, lunches packed, EVERYTHING ready to get up and go this morning. With Mark out of town I have found that this method works much better for us as far as being on time. Lucy woke up without a fuss, hopped in the bath and got dressed....everything was flowing quite smoothly. While I was in the bathroom putting on my make up, Lucy was watching her cartoons in the living room. We were actually on schedule!!!! Then, to my surprise, Lucy comes zipping in from my bedroom on her scooter, makes a hard right turn and runs flat into the bathtub. Of course this scares me to death. As my brand new mineral powder flies all over the floor, my child has flipped into the bathtub. Not only is she screaming (not crying, laughing) the water from her bath just shortly before, has not completely drained. So here we are, the laughter has come to a screeching halt and we are both dumbfounded. Lucy is lying on her back in about two inches of water, fully clothed I might add. I am starring at her, mouth wide open and then I realize, I have powder all over MY clothes. Her hair is wet so we re-dry, her clothes are wet so we re-dress, her shoes and socks are wet and of course we can't find any matching socks. I change clothes, sweep up the BRAND NEW powder off the floor, throw it away, finish my make up and Lucy wears purple flip flops and a brown and hot pink dress to school. We were surprisingly STILL on time with about two minutes to spare!!!! So much for planning ahead!!!!


  1. LOL, it's amazing what can happen when you least expect it. I'm glad Lucy is okay. I think you and I both need to invest in helmets for our daradevil children!

  2. Nice!! That sounds like something that would happen to me. Except last time I dropped my Bare Escentuals, it was the bronzer, not the mineral powder.


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  3. I swear I laugh out loud everytime I read a new post you've done. Your stories are hilarious. Don't worry I'm sure in a short amount of time you'll be laughing at my stories with 2 kids!