Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So much to say....

I have so many things to write about today I don't even know where to start. Friday, I left work around two o'clock to head south for the weekend. Of course I had forgotten just about everything that I meant to pack so I had to run home before we hit the road. When I pulled up there was a box on my doorstep and it contained these.......

Yes, I DO love them although they will most likely end up next to the purple stripper shoes in the back of my closet. I ask you ladies, who doesn't need a pair of spike heeled silver gladiator shoes in there closet?

On to the beach...

We arrived at the house around 6:30 and immediately went to eat. Eating is the main event when we go to see Mark but this time it was Mexican not shrimp. I have eaten enough shrimp this summer to carry me through the next year. So here we are at the restaurant not exactly looking our best....

Home and to bed. Saturday, since Mark wasn't fishing, we decided to go to the pool for a few hours (or 8). We had a great time spending the day with daddy and some friends and somehow Lucy and Mark ended up very much resembling Scuba Steve.....

I beg you if you ever see my husband to NEVER mention this lovely picture!!!!

After swimming ALL day, we went to EAT AGAIN with our good friends Jimbo and Stephanie...this time it WAS shrimp!!!

Sunday morning Mark did have to fish so we went to Tacky Jacks for a quick breakfast (one of everything) and of course had to have our picture made by the "pokey nosed fish" as Lucy likes to call it. I have a picture from EVERY weekend beside this fish. Lucy seems to think it is a fascinating work of art.....that stinks apparently...

Thats about it. I won't bore you with a book review today (because I haven't quite finished this weeks book). Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!!! Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. She is adorable! The shoes are killing me. And seriously they have some that aren't that high? I'd love to join but they all look like I'd break my neck in them!

  2. She is precious. The shoes would never be on my feet. I don't do heels...My middle name is not GRACE. I wore heels once for a performance...I wore my birkenstocks to the stage...up the stairs....put on the heels...walked to the mike...sang...left the mike went to the birks...put them back on...and off the stage. I am old enough now...I opt for comfort over cute....and have discovered you can have comfort and cute these days...Skechers are great!

  3. Love the new "hooker heels"!! You will never wear them! LOL Cute picuture of Scuba Steve, I mean Mark!

  4. Love the shoes! I got boring selections this time so I skipped August :(