Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....BROKEN?

Ok, maybe just a FEW words....last night as I was trying to take Oscar outside for a bath, I was pulling the hose out of the garage. I didn't realize that it had gotten hooked around the brush guard that goes onto Marks Jeep. This thing is VERY heavy and big. I yanked the hose and hard as I could and when I did it lifted the brush guard and it fell over smashing my foot. The results.....
Obviously it is the left one and don't say anything about my toes...I know I know!!!!

Lovely yes???? Don't worry, since I can't walk on it, I'm off to the doctor (no I didn't go when it happened) and HOPEFULLY its not broken. Hope you all enjoyed these disgusting pics!!!!!


  1. OMG!! I am so sorry! I hope it's not broken either and I hope it gets better fast. Looks very painful!

  2. OMW, that looks horrible!!! I guess you didn't get to wear your hooker heals for Mark? LOL, just kidding had to add a little humor. I hope you feel better and I hope it's not broken!!

  3. Poor thing. That looks so bad...and I know you are miserable with it. No more silver stilleto heels for you....just kidding. I knew I liked you....mainly because of the Wheeler name...but when you left your comment on my blog became number one in my book. Hope you get to feeling better soon.