Monday, August 17, 2009

When the Hornets Rock the House.....

.....they rock it ALL THE WAY DOWN!!! Cant you just feel the cool breeze blowing through the stadium, the smell of hotdogs, and the excitement of the crowd when the players run onto the field for the first time. Yea, me either. I feel 100 degrees of stale air making me sweat like a pig as I sit in a high school stadium, leaning into my neighboring cheerleader mom praying that a tiny cloud will cover the sun if only for a millisecond so maybe the back of my shirt will stop sticking to my neck. Yes, this is little league football my friends and it has officially AUGUST!!

Obviously, I had my first experience as a little league "cheerleader mom" this weekend. Lucy was beside herself and boucing off the walls with anticipation of her first "real game". We got to the field at 11:30 for the noon kickoff. We gathered at one end of the stadium so the coaches could count the girls and get them in line. They walked down to the sidelines and seeing the delerious smile of enjoyment on Lucy's face got to me and I thought I felt a tear run down my face. I was mistaken, it was sweat. Lucy did an excellent job of doing the cheers and was the most incredible at holding her waterbottle (which contained orange gatorade-Her favorite) to her mouth and cheering at the same time! I will admit, despite the sweltering heat I was a very proud momma on Saturday and absolutely cannot wait to do it again.

After the game we went to Sweet and Sassy to get Lucy's hair cut. Since she wanted short and I wanted long we compromised and....Ok, She won.

Later that night, we had to make a run to the grocery store. Keep in mind Lucy had not had a nap after all of these exhausting events and was a bit loopy for lack of a better word. She stood in the cart the entire time we were in the store yelling...WHO ROCKS THE HOUSE? THE HORNETS ROCK THE HOUSE AND WHEN THE HORNETS ROCK THE HOUSE THEY ROCK IT ALL THE WAY DOWN. On the all the way down she started standing and shook her little tushie "all the way down". Other than a few odd looks from people who I assume did not think it appropriate for a four year old to shake it like that, we got a few laughs and I wasn't THAT embarrased. Thankfully on the way home she fell asleep in the car and saved me from having to explain to the neighbors why their kids were waking up because of a booty dancing, screaming little girl outside!!!

I left my camera at home but I promise to post cheerleader and haircut pics tomorrow!!!!


  1. Hey, we do that cheer too!!! That's Olivia's favorite!! It was sooo hot! I feel your pain :) Take pictures!!!

  2. I was about to say where are pictures of her haircut but you are going to post them! I can't wait to see her. Don't forget to give us a schedule too missy and we'll come see her.

  3. Too cute!! Can't wait to see her cheering. I promise we're coming to a game!