Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fat Foot Results.....

I sucked it up yesterday and went to the doctor. I HATE Doctors!!! Not as people of course just because I don't usually go to the doctor for anything GOOD. One of these days I'll be pregnant like everyone else I know and that will change but until then....I HATE DOCTORS!!! When I got to the doctors office I was in terrible pain and it was painfully obvious because I was pretty much hopping on one foot. The girls at the front desk could plainly see that it was difficult for me to walk back and forth from my chair to the desk every five minutes to hand them my insurance card, paperwork, drivers license, you name it and I guess it would have been too easy for them to ask me for it at ONE time and saved me quite a bit of agony. Anyway, when I finally got back in the suffocating little closet of a room, the nurses came in with there cheery faces and asked what the problem was SOOOOO I showed them. It certainly didn't make me feel any better when they both gasped and squealed EWWWWWWW when they saw my foot. Then in comes the doctor who knows my husband and had no interest in my rainbow colored elephant foot. Oh no, he wanted to know all about fishing in Orange Beach. Were they catching a lot? How's the season going? When does HE come home? Excuse me doctor but could you please take a gander at MY problem? I promise to bring you a cooler full of grouper if you waive the co-pay!!! Waive the co-pay he didn't but for the low low price of $25 dollars, I found out that I WAS NOT pregnant and my foot was not broken!!! Apparently to have an x-ray it must first be confirmed that you don't have a bun in the oven (and maybe just to squeeze a little more from my insurance company) but what do I care!!!! Three hours later with a pat on the back and a "Tell Mark hello and bring me some fish" I'm home, still in pain and all I have to give to that doctor is a little finger wave (you know which one) and a haha, I get this (see below) and you got my $25 bucks.....

Sorry for the ranting!!! Its the foot, it puts me in a bad mood!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!!!


  1. Bless your heart. I hope it stops hurting soon and I'm glad it's not broken. Can't wait to see you!

  2. Bless you Ashley...I hope your foot gets better soon! :)

  3. I am sorry your foot is hurting. Bless you my child...and I am glad it is not broken. As for the doctor and a cooler of fish....not in this lifetime. Fish in a cooler = no copay. Turn about is fair play. WAR EAGLE!