Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mommy I want.....

....and want and want and want. My my how times have changed in the few short decades since I was a kid. Sure when we went to the grocery store or heaven forbid my mother took us to Wal-Mart I would beg for candy or bubbles or some other random little thing that we happened to pass while searching for necessities such as toilet paper or peanut butter. When I was on my best behavior (which was rare since there were FIVE of us) I would occasionally be treated to a candy bar or something in the $.50 range. When I think back I cannot recall EVER asking for something outrageous because I just knew there was no hope on God's green earth that my parents would buy me something I didn't NEED nor did I ever dream they would buy me some super luxury such as a computer of my own for no reason at all and most likely not for any other occasion. So, with that said, WHY WHY WHY does my FOUR YEAR OLD think she MUST have every new gadget and gizmo, no matter the price for no rhyme or reason whatsoever?

Side note - I have decided to be thrifty and efficient this year and start Christmas shopping early. Usually I cram it all in in the few weeks prior only to stress and am usually unable to find the most popular and sought after items. SOOOOO.....last night I asked Lucy what she might want Santa to bring her this year.....

When I raised the question "So Little Miss Lucy Bug, what do you think you might want Santa to bring you for Christmas this year?" After a few seconds of deep thought she asked me if Christmas was tomorrow. Then of course I had to tell her how there were so many new babies born this year that Santa had to get an early start so EVERY kid could get what they wanted. Without hesitation she spouted off her list as if she had been secretly planning the glorious day that I would ask her the simple question. She began with the usual, a new baby, some new red shiny shoes and then without missing a beat told me she wanted a new laptop, an i-pod touch, Hannah Montana to sing at her birthday party (in January), new bronzer because she didn't like the color of mine (who knows where that one came from), another puppy (which WILL NOT HAPPEN) and last but not least, a great big bottle of GLUE. I didn't question anything, I simply wrote it down on a list and told her I would get it to Santa. I also told her that Santa would have to review the list and she would have to be surprised on Christmas morning. I sure hope she's not TOO disappointed when she only has a baby, sparkle shoes and a huge bottle of glue under the tree. Ok and maybe a few other surprises that I feel are AGE APPROPRIATE!!!!
But who could say no to this face? Not Daddy, Not Nanna, Not Pop or Uncle Ryan or Josh or Phillip or Aunt Emily.....nope....I guess I'm the only one. Which of course makes me the bad guy!!!!


  1. I am so glad to hear you say these things. I truly believe that part of the problems today are that young children are not getting age appropriate things. I have a granddaughter...who had a cell phone at age 8...she did not need a cell phone....but she had one...and this year at age 10 she wants a Blackberry Pearl...I DON"T EVEN HAVE ONE! If she gets all this stuff now...what will she have to look forward to as a teenager, a young adult, a grandmother???? I am still waiting for the Mercedes Convertible I wanted at 16. I am 55 and it still has not materialized.

  2. That's too funny!! It's only going to get worse as they get older! I think you should have her a baby sister or brother in the oven for Christmas personally! And hey throw in a new puppy too. :)

  3. Too funny! She'll be excited no matter what she gets!