Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Won't My Mommy be so Proud of ME......

First I'd like to thank Morgan at A Buggie Full of Beans for giving me this award. I'd like to thank Lucy, Mark, stripper shoes, blue-jeans and brownies for giving me inspiration....Ok enough with the Academy Awards speech. I got an award for MY BLOG of all things. Now I can see getting an award for eating more brownies in an hour than anyone else or the most fad diets tried in a month but MY BLOG!!! I'm so excited. I'm pretty sure the rules are to give this award to a few more bloggers and make a list of 10 things you might not know about me. I'm going to skip right to the list because #1 I'm pretty new to the blogging world and #2 I'm making more blogging friends everyday but right now I would have to give this award back to Morgan and probably the same people she has already given it to. I am going to hold off on giving out the award until I can really get into reading some other blogs and to be sure they are much deserved...even though I'm pretty sure mine wasn't. But hey, I'm certainly not going to pass it up. Ok, enough rambling, on to the list.

1. I never REPLACE a picture in a frame. These are wonderful memories that I can't stand to take down. Every time I get pictures that I think I should frame, I get new frames and if I have nowhere to put them, I also get a new table or squeeze it into a spot on the wall.

2. I obsess over good books and literally ignore the world when I am reading. The house could fall down around me and I'd still have my nose in a book.

3. I hate being bored. I eat too much and tend to do really weird things when I am alone and don't have a plan!!!

4. I hope to one day move to Costa Rica and become a professional beach bum. This is my true calling!!

5. Cats scare the bejeebers out of me. I can't stand to be within 50 yards of one.

6. Same with birds!

7. I love NOTHING more than being on a boat in the ocean. I spent 14 days traveling from Orange Beach, AL to West Palm Beach and back (on a boat) and this is when I REALLY fell in love...not only with boats but with my husband.

8. I never hold a grudge. When I have confrontation with someone, I decide whether or not the relationship is worth it and if it is, I get over it and on with my life. If it isn't, I pretty much just go on with my life and leave that part or person out of it completely. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff!!!

9. My car is ALWAYS a disaster no matter how hard I try to keep it clean.

10. I truly believe that everyday should be lived to its full potential. I want to do everything I want to do while I'm young. I have no desire to save every penny I earn for retirement (although I do save SOME for retirement). I want Lucy to experience everything once and I want to be able to share her experiences with her!!!!

Ok, now that I feel like I am standing naked in Times Square....I'm done!!!! I would love for everyone to do a "10 things" list and let me know about it so I can get to know you as well!!!


  1. I love it, you did a GREAT job!

  2. OMG....I think you and I are soul sisters. Cats and Birds both alarm me....especially since I watched Hitchcocks the Birds at a young goal in life used to be to be a beach bum...although...I wanted to live in Figi. I love being in a boat on the ocean...and lived in West Palm Beach all my growing up years...used to sail with friends to the Keys at least once a week. I also surfed until I was 25...and Lawh my car is always a wreck. I live in it. I teach at the high school level (high school stuff), I sing professionally (Still Magnolias music stuff), I sing in the Praise and Worship band at church (Praise Band stuff), I sub at the community college (their stuff), and I usually keep beach attire, an umbrella, and some Birkenstocks in the car...just in case. Have a great day! Congrats on the award.

  3. We even if your momma's not proud all of your GNO girls are!!! Way to go Mrs. Wheeler :)