Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Welcome Change of Direction....

Instead of our usual trip south down I-65, this weekend we decided to head north!!!! My in-laws have a big beautiful lake house on Smith lake and we very rarely get to enjoy it...for obvious reasons. However, this weekend we made an exception, skipped out on the beach, and took advantage of the "short drive" and headed to the lake. Moving on....Lucy left with them on Thursday and I drove up Saturday morning. By the time I got there, Lucy wanted to show me how she could jump off the foot bridge (about an 8 foot jump). I nearly had a heart attack when she just walked up and jumped right off. Next up on the agenda, take a boat ride around the bend to the neighbors so Lucy could jump off of the TOP DECK of the boat house. ARE YOU KIDDING ME....she did it, she jumped off of the top of a FREAKING BOAT HOUSE!!!! My batteries in my camera went dead when we got to the boat house jumping. Which is probably better because if I had to watch her do it again I might die. But here are a few pictures from the lake and a video of my FOUR YEAR OLD jumping off of the footbridge....Well so much for the video, it was taking too long. I'll try again tomorrow!!!

Lucy and Oscar

She rode Oscar all over the lake!!!


  1. OMG I would have died! I"m so impressed though, at least she has no fear when it comes to the water!

  2. Um no ma'am...I would have freaked out! Cute pictures though! LOL