Friday, July 17, 2009

Rain on my Parade....

My plans for the weekend have been completely shattered and I am nothing short of heartbroken....on the outside. On the inside I am half jumping for joy, one fourth disappointed and one fourth lonely. My in-laws asked (for the fourth year in a row) if they could take Lucy along to Ft. Payne for the annual family reunion. Some of you might wonder why on earth I wouldn't want to go to a family reunion and it is simply because I DON'T WANT TO (insert red face and feet stomping here). I agreed to let her go and I was headed to Orange Beach to spend some overdue quality time with my husband. In other words, I was going fishing!!!! I couldn't wait to put on my new adorable "fishing flip flops", hop on the boat at 5:30 AM and head out to sea for twelve blissful hours of dropping line and reeling in the big ones. That is until Mark called me about an hour ago and told me there were going to be 14 other people on the boat, there would be six foot seas and possibly rain. Of course it was left up to me to make the ultimate decision whether or not to go on a rocking boat (where someone ALWAYS throws up all day when it is rough) all day and most likely get caught in a storm. Sorry, I LOVE fishing but I love fishing in water as smooth as glass and sunshine in the sky. Therefore, my decision was to stay home.....alone. I have been begging to go fishing all summer and what I thought would be the perfect time, turns out to be not so perfect. On a happy note, I do get to stay home. No driving, no cooking, no cleaning!!! I get to go SHOPPING. I am beside myself. It has been ages since I have been shopping with out a child attached to my hip and so now I have a revised plan for the weekend. Go home tonight from work grab my book and read until I fall asleep. Sleep as late as I possibly can in the morning, have a few cups of coffee and head to the Summit. When I get to the Summit, I will go into EVERY store, try on EVERYTHING taking as much time as I could possibly want or need and actually (maybe) buy something for ME....until I unconsciously wonder into Janie and Jack or Gymboree and spend all of my money on Lucy - as usual!!! So anyway, although plan number one got squashed, you can never go wrong with shopping!!!

I know I know....this all sounds so sad. But don't cry for me!! I could not be happier about spending an entire 48 hours ALONE (ok maybe 24 the other 24 will be sad and I'll be missing my babies)!!!!

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