Thursday, June 4, 2009

Decisions Decisions.....

I have posted before about Shoe Dazzle, the AMAZING shoe club that I just had to join because...well...I LOVE SHOES. I still have not found an outfit to wear with my first pair that I received last month (other than something you would see in a strip club). Just to clear the record, I don't actually OWN any stripper attire. ANYWAY...the reason for this post is that I have received my new selections and am having a hard time deciding. I have narrowed it down from five to three so OPINIONS PLEASE........

First we have the "BRISA"

This shoe looks very beachy and fun to me. I love the color and the cork heel and actually have a dress that these would go with PERFECTLY!!!!

Next we have the "HENNA"

I am SO in love with this shoe!!! I LOVE the wedge, I LOVE the studs and the color goes with EVERYTHING!!!!

Finally the "UMA"

Please don't ask me why I like this....I don't have a clue. I do know that I LOVE wedges and the color of this one. Probably not the most practical choice but I'd be more than happy to have them in my closet next to the purple stripper shoes!!!!

What do you think????


  1. I just signed up and picked out my first pair Monday. Can't wait.

    I vote for #2 Henna! Definitely!

  2. I vote for the 2nd. Although are you SURE you can walk in any of these? The wedge should help though. You know I love you girl! :)