Thursday, June 25, 2009

Four Years Down....

Yesterday Mark and I celebrated our FOUR YEAR anniversary and man what a wonderful four years it has been. Around 9:00 last night Mark surprised me by coming home from Orange Beach for our special occasion. He was dressed in a suit with an arm full of roses looking quite dashing I might add. Lucy was in bed so it was just the two of us, a glass of wine, staring into each others eyes and telling stories of all of the things we'd been through since we have been together. There were laughs and tears and then he took my face in his calloused, sun-dried hands and poured out all of the love and commitment he wished he could tell me about more often..........

AND THEN I WOKE UP.....and realized he had NOT come home. I was lying in bed with my celebratory strawberry cupcake crumbs all over my bleach stained t-shirt. Lucy really WAS asleep and my book had fallen over and I lost my place. The phone was ringing and it WAS Mark. A quick..."Hey babe, sorry its so late, we had two trips today and our water pump is out. Gotta fix it tonight so we can fish tomorrow. Just wanted to tell you happy anniversary and I love you." I certainly wish it was the other way but that worked too. That's pretty much the way we've done it for the past four years and it most likely won't change anytime soon. I'll eventually guilt him into giving me money for something ridiculous that I just can't live without and maybe taking me out for Sushi but until then, I love him all the days of the year....not just our anniversary!!!


  1. OMW, I am laughing so hard. My mouth was on the floor when I read the beginning, I was like "no way, not Mark" and then you ruined it! LOL Too funny. Happy late anniversary! I remember the wedding party like it was yesterday, fun times!

  2. That was great! I almost (key word almost) started crying it was so sweet then I got to the 2nd paragraph and fell out! I swear you need to write a book! Your great!