Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a Weekend Should Be!

Its been a while since I actually got to have a "weekend". Its usually a few birthday parties, grocery store, dinner with the family, easter egg hunts...you name it. Well...Not this time. Friday night Lucy and I went to dinner at Pablos, a fabulous Mexican restaurant with a huge patio and a guy with a guitar (I . Lucy had a great time dancing with one of her school friends that we ran into and I had fun relaxing on a beautiful afternoon! Saturday was a little overcast so while Mark was off at work, Lucy and I cleaned. Not that I love cleaning by any means but it sure was nice to just BE HOME for a while. That afternoon we met Nana to go see the Hannah Montana movie. Lucy is a HUGE fan and in the middle of the movie, stood up and yelled " I LOVE THIS MOVIE". She also stood in the isle and danced to EVERY song, screamed WOO HOO every time Hanna OR Miley started singing and gave a standing ovation at the end. Oh the precious moments...haha!!! After the excitement of the movie, Lucy decided she wanted to spend the night with Nana so I went home and caught up on my reality TV, and napped a little. Saturday night, Mark got home and we decided to go BACK to Pablos for dinner (my sister works there) and who do we run into....My parents and Lucy!!!! We had a great time on the patio AGAIN with the guitar guy then home and off to bed. Sunday we went to church, Jim and Nicks for lunch and home for naps and hiding in the bathroom to stay safe from tornadoes. That part was no fun but at least we nad a fun, family filled and best of all RELAXING weekend!!!

This weekend spilled over into Monday. I did work Monday but after work, my sister Emily, my brother Josh and I went to the Dave Matthews concert. The concert was FANTASTIC other than a bruised shoulder (don't ask) and a lost camera. I also realized that I just can't do it like I used to, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!!!

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