Thursday, September 24, 2009

Car Talk....

Lucy and I usually have our deepest conversations in the car. I knew the day was coming soon that she would ask the dreaded question "Mommy, where do babies come from?" Well that happened this morning and it was a little different than what I was expecting. I got through it quite easily and didn't have to make up TOO MANY "cover ups". So, here is how our conversation went this morning....

Lucy - Does he do it on the table or just on the floor?

Me - Does WHO do WHAT on the table or floor?

Lucy - When God makes people, does he do it on a table or on the floor?

Me - OOOOH (as if I COMPLETELY understood the question NOW). Actually, He puts a teeny tiny little seed in a mommy's tummy and it grows and grows until its a cute little baby. Then the mommy and daddy go to the hospital and the doctor takes it out.

Lucy - So it grows like a flower?

Me - It sure does

Lucy - Well how does the doctor get it out?

Me - (THANK GOD I had a C-section) Well when you were born the doctor cut a little opening at the bottom of my tummy and took you right out kicking and screaming and you were the cutest fatest little baby and we loved you SOOOOOO much.

Lucy - Well God must have put a medium sized seed in your tummy.

Me - You think?

Lucy - Yeah because I was a BIG FAT BABY!!!!

All I could do was laugh at this point!!! And thank God for putting that particular "medium sized seed" into my tummy!!!! I am so blessed to have the family that I have. If it weren't for the crazy "Wheeler-isms" from time to time, my life would be so very boring!!!


  1. That is too cute and too, too funny! I think you did a great job with it too, probably better then, I would have stumbled around it I'm sure.

  2. OMW that girl cracks me up!!! Good job on the baby talk!

  3. She is a mess! That is too cute! You did real well getting through that question. Olivia was schooled in c-sections after I had Mylee. She says she is never having a baby because she is not letting anyone cut her.

  4. TOO cute! Seriously - C-Sections are SO convenient for that explanation, aren't they?

  5. Kids seriously say the funniest stuff! lol