Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Muddy Butterfly Ringworms....

WOW....what a week it has been. I think it is about time for a girls night. Thank heavens we're having one this Friday. This past Saturday as usual, Lucy had a game. If you live in the south, I'm sure you have noticed the never ending RAIN so yes, we sat in the pouring rain Saturday while the adorable yet extremely muddy cheerleaders and football players splashed their way to a 34 to 6 victory!! Did I mention the game was an hour away? So after we drove the long road home while soaking wet, we changed and went shopping in the pouring rain. Although while shopping, the rain didn't bother me quite as much! Oh and WAR EAGLE!!!

Sunday we went to my friend Mycalee's daughter Olivia's birthday party. My plan to go to the beach was immediately vetoed when Lucy saw the Hannah Montana invitation!! It would have been pure torture for the child to sit at the beach while missing ANYTHING Hannah Montana! We had a great time and they had the most incredible face painter. Lucy was painted as a butterfly (picture below, thanks Mycalee) and I thought she was going to have a come-apart when I told her later that night that it was bath time. Before that we stopped at the gas station on our way home and when the lady behind the counter asked Lucy about where she had been to have her face painted so pretty, Lucy told the lady, and I quote "when I was born, my face was like this"!!!! She kicked and screamed long enough about bath time and having to wash it off that I finally gave in and let her take a bath the next morning!!! By that time, the pillowcase had turned into a colorful smudge of butterfly and Lucy was ok with washing the rest off of her face!

On Monday morning we woke to Lucy scratching her shoulder and off to the doctor we went. Turns out she has a ringworm (YUCK) which apparently had just popped don't worry parents that were at the b'day party!!! The doctor prescribed a cream and Lucy also had a flu shot. While we were at the pharmacy waiting on the prescription to be filled, Lucy felt the need to tell EVERYONE she came in contact with that she had a ringworm. Everyone we passed in every Walgreen's isle, behind the counter and EVERYONE who works in the pharmacy now knows that she has a "yucky, itchy ringworm on her shoulder-wanna see it"? So now you all know as well!!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the week!!! We are off to the Auburn game this weekend so I'll post about that next week - if I can't think of anything in the next few days!!! WAR EAGLE!!


  1. We sat in the rain too! Don't you just love it? :) Olivia was so happy Lucy came and keeps talking about how they are going to a concert together just like on tv. I love how she told everyone she has ringworm. She is hilarious!

  2. That is too funny about the face painting and bath and then the ringworm. Kids absolutely crack me up! :)

  3. NICE - I had ringworm as a child. I must say - it's fascinatingly a perfect circle!

    The butterfly face painting is awesome!