Friday, October 9, 2009

The past few weeks....

(Lucy and Jacob at the pumpkin patch)

Wow...its been awhile! My world has been pretty much turned upside down in the past few weeks and "blogging" has been the last thing on my mind!! So the readers digest version of whats been going on in Wheeler World is as follows....

Cheerleading practice three nights a week.
Mark came home for a week!!!
Sat through two little league football games in the rain
Went to the Auburn vs. Ball State game and sat in the rain
More cheerleading practice
Work Work Work
Had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch with Amber and her family UNTIL it started raining
Mark went back offshore
More cheerleading practice
Little league game tomorrow (hopefully NOT in the rain but its not looking too promising)
And finally, if my long lost husband returns from his fishing adventure by tomorrow morning, we are off to the Orange Beach Shrimp Festival and will be back on Monday to start all over again!!!

I have lots of pictures to share (eventually) of my cute little cheerleader, the pumpkin patch, and the Auburn game, however, Mark is determined to catch a HUGE tuna this week and took the camera so he could prove it.....which probably jinxed him!!!!!

Maybe one day life will stop getting in my way and I'll have a much better blog!!!!



  1. I hope yall get to go to Orange Beach. I have beach fever bad, I just want to go see it so bad for some reason, lol!!

  2. That's an amazing pumpkin! I'm hoping to get to take Ali to the Pumpkin Patch soon...

  3. We had a great time with y'all at the Pumpkin Patch. Did y'all make it to the beach this weekend?