Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nautical Wheeler....

People always ask me, what does your husband do? My answer, he fishes. This always gets a shocked response and wonder why I live in Birmingham and why he lives in Orange Beach for half of the year. Well, my answer is this....it just works for us!!!! While he does live 300 miles away from May to October it IS better that I am in Birmingham for several reasons. #1 - When he is fishing, he works 12-14 hour days, EVERY DAY (so we wouldn't see him anyway) #2 - There are so many more jobs for ME in Birmingham #3 - When he works that hard for six months while he is away, we have a full 6 months of good quality "daddy time". Is it difficult to be a single mother half the year....YES. Do I wish my husband was home every night....YES. Could I ask for a better husband, father, provider, best friend....ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! So, if your still wondering what "fishing for a living" is.....MEET MARK or in the words of Jimmy Buffett my NAUTICAL WHEELER, where he is and what he does from May - October.....

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  1. That's amazing!!! First of all, six months off would be awesome. Second of all, I don't think I'd be as brave as you for the other six months!

    But what an adventurous career! I'd love to hear even more about it!